The Virtual Investment Simulator aims to provide a platform where speculators, investors and researchers can interact with the dynamics of the Nigerian Stock Exchange in a simulated environment as well as educate potential market players.

The Game also gives participants opportunity to play towards an incentive prize for consistent and diligent involvement. The simulator is geared at heightening interest for investment and equip participants with knowledge of the financial markets.

NSE Market
  • Learn to trade without fear of losing!
  • Get acquainted with the equities market.
  • Compete with other you?


Learn the basics of the stock market by utilising the investment education materials provided on this platform.


You can practise what you have learnt in any of the opened/non-competitive leagues and see if you can develop a strategy that will work for you.


There is an opportunity to win a PRIZE when you take that bold step to compete with investors in the competitive leagues

Virtual Platform

Virtual Platform.

Our trading simulator is fun and realistic! Learn the ropes and compete with your friends!.

It's 100% free! All the money you'll win or lose is virtual it won't cost you anything! Nothing to lose, trading practice and prizes to gain!.

NSE Market

Trade all your favorite shares from the Nigeria Stock Exchange including GUARANTY, DANGCEM, CONOIL and many more.

Add stocks to your watchlist.

NSE Market
Oooh shiny object!

Multiple Leagues and Trading Portfolio.

Join different leagues and manage multiple portfolios. Practice trading for free on our trading platform! Win prizes...

Buy & sell shares in multiple leagues. Manage your portfolio and account for each leagues. Manage your watchlist.


  1. The Winner will be selected on the basis of Cumulative Return on Investment of participants as well as the Market Benchmark for the period under review
  2. In the unlikely case of a tie, Investment One Financial Services will use their discretion to award Prizes to Winners
  3. The prize will be awarded to the winners of the contest however; funds will be managed by Investment One Financial Services for a period of 6 months. The winner will have full access to invest such funds in the Nigerian equities market only. Winner can take profit from proceeds from the use of Prize money from time to time but must maintain a portfolio/cash balance of the prize money during the 6 months period.
  4. Investment One Financial Services has the right to disqualify any individual at any point in time during the contest on the basis of cheating, or violating the terms and conditions of using the Virtual Investment Simulator.
  5. Winners will be contacted via email and telephone on the last day of contest.
  6. Winners must be 12 years or above and resident in Nigeria.
  7. Previous winners on the Virtual Investment Simulator Platform are not eligible to win prizes in subsequent competition but can participate in the game.


All information on this platform is provided for education and simulation purposes only, and is not intended for actual trading purposes.

This game is meant to be a learning tool and does not reflect every aspect of actual trading.

Please do not assume that the application of your trading strategy for this platform will also yield same results in actual trading.

We strongly advise that you consult a qualified Broker or a Financial Advisor prior to making any actual investment or trading decision on your personal portfolio.

Also note that we also reserve the right to publish details of winners; however terms and conditions apply.